Leicester Primary Partnership

Partnership for State-funded Leicester City primary schools to develop effective collaboration between Primary schools.

School Improvement Leicester

An alliance open to members of Leicester Primary Partnership with the aim of further improving school performance amongst its member schools.

Closing the Gap

Addresses city-wide priorities and develops and maintains sustainable city-wide projects and activity which contributes to improving pupil outcomes.


A very warm welcome from the Leicester Primary Partnership. If you are a visitor to the website, we hope that you find the website information useful to understand a little more of what we do and how we support schools across the city to ensure our children get the very best education possible. If you are one of our city partnership members you will find a plethora of useful resources to support you, your staff, and children.

Our overarching aim at LPP is to continually develop effective collaboration between primary schools to support a collective responsibility for the quality of education within Leicester city....

LPP facilitate meetings for all primary schools within Leicester city, where we invite a wide range of guest speakers from the local authority, teaching and research schools, local leaders and inspirational speakers to share best practice and supportive information across the city.

We take a lead on local partnership work through our Development Groups (DGs), as well as project leading school improvement through our system-led ‘School Improvement Leicester’ model, as well as running training, courses and conferences through our ‘Closing the Gap’ project. We also support our deputy headteachers in their networking systems.

As a true partnership, we facilitate information sharing across the city. We produce a weekly newsletter to all members schools as well as providing a central source of pastoral support, guidance and intelligence.

LPP works in partnership with many stakeholders in our not-for-profit company. Central to this are our headteachers and school leaders. We also work with the local authority, police, health, teaching schools, Multi Academy Trusts, secondary and special schools, charities and national education institutions to ensure we provide our schools with effective support and partnership right across the city.

There has never been a better time to work across all sectors to ensure effective partnerships that enables a trusting and long-lasting relationship between schools to ensure that Leicester’s children receive the very best education possible. This is our overarching aim.

The remainder of our website has a ‘log in’ system for our city leaders to share this amazing partnership working with each other.

Yours sincerely
Mr Matthew Potts BA QTS

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